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Global Forecasting School's Advanced Macroeconomic Modeling Series in DynareJulia


At the Global Forecasting School (GFS), a passion for macroeconomics meets an unparalleled learning experience. Here, students master in advanced macroeconomic analysis, exploring sophisticated forecasting models and comprehensive policy analysis methods.

Among the cutting-edge tools we use is DynareJulia, a version of Dynare developed in Julia. This innovative platform is poised to be the future of macroeconomic modeling. Already, institutions like the Central Bank of Armenia are implementing DynareJulia in their forecasting and policy analysis systems. It's become an inseparable part of FPAS Mark II. 


DynareJulia project is led by Michel Juillard. The project is constantly evolving, with new tools being added and tested regularly.

Our community at the GFS. We have dozens of students, each on their own journey of mastering macroeconomics. A few have already reached Level III, demonstrating the depth of their learning and commitment. The school continues to grow, with more and more people joining us, driven by a shared enthusiasm for understanding and shaping economic policy.

The environment here is one of continuous development and collaboration, what we call Dynamic Learning Environment. The Global Forecasting School is not just a place of learning; it's a community where the future of macroeconomic policy is being shaped.

Course Duration & Structure:

📆 Duration: Spanning 4 weeks. Participants can choose to enroll for 1 week or more.
🕑 Each day: 2 immersive hours dedicated to detailed exploration and hands-on learning.

What Sets Our Course Apart:

  1. Pedigree of Excellence: Designed in the spirit of the Global Forecasting School, our courses promise rigor, depth, and practical insights.

  2. Holistic Syllabus: Covering everything from the intricacies of the FPAS Mark II framework to the newest shifts in macroeconomic analysis, this course ensures that you're always several steps ahead in the field.

  3. Harness the Power of Open-Source: Familiarize yourself with leading open-source software platforms including DynareJulia, Python, R, and more, ensuring that your skills are both cutting-edge and widely applicable.

  4. Learn from the Best: Multiple industry experts, each renowned in their specific domains, will guide you. This diverse panel ensures a well-rounded and expansive learning experience.

Course Modules of Distinction:

  1. Week 1. US Monthly Projection Model - Linear (July 8-12, August 5-9, September 2-6)

  2. Week 2. US Monthly Projection Model - Endocred (July 15-19, August 12-16, September 9-13)

  3. Week 3. Global Integrated Monetary Fiscal Model (July 22-26, August 19-23, September 16-20)

  4. Week 4. U.S. Quarterly Projection Model - Endocred (July 29-August 2, August 26-30, September 23-27)

Course Continuation & Flexibility:
🔄 Ongoing Learning: We believe in continuous growth. Our bootcamp courses are hybrid (in-person and via Zoom) and are offered in Portugal well as in Armenia in January and July.

📅 Customizable Schedule: We understand everyone's commitments vary.We offer continuous learning and multiple slots so you can find the one that syncs seamlessly with your calendar.


Enrollment & More Information:For further information, contact Asya Kostanyan at:

Price for 1 Participant for 1 Week -- €1000

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