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Discover firsthand insights from the Mark II Central Bank Watchers as they analyze central bank activities and financial market trends. Engage with our talented GFS students as they present their research projects. Our session covers a diverse array of FPAS and non-FPAS central banks, providing a comprehensive overview of global economic landscapes. Join us for an hour of enriching discussion, with the option to extend for those eager to delve deeper into the topics at hand.

FPAS:                           Non-FPAS:

New Zealand               United Kingdom

Czech Republic             United States

Israel                           Brazil

Canada                       Euro Area

Georgia                       Australia

The GFS Seminar Series serves as a dynamic platform for GFS students to share their research with a global audience via YouTube, effectively merging academic inquiry with broader public engagement. This initiative aims to deepen the understanding of complex macroeconomic issues, encouraging thorough analytical debate on various monetary policy frameworks and their implications. By facilitating these discussions, the seminar series contributes significantly to the international economic policy dialogue, offering practical insights for central banks and economies as they navigate the challenges posed by global economic fluctuations and seek to maintain domestic economic stability.

To join our Tuesday sessions, Register here.

To join our Thursday sessions, Register here.

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