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Embarking on a Global Macroeconomic Odyssey: Welcome to The Better Policy Project!'s Blog

Greetings from Lisbon!

As we cast our digital sails into the vast ocean of macroeconomics, we're thrilled to introduce you to The Better Policy Project's Blog. Rooted in the vibrant city of Lisbon, Portugal, The Better Policy Project stands at the intersection of avant-garde policy analysis and dedicated macroeconomic empowerment.

Our Global Vision

Understanding the ebb and flow of the global economy demands robust analytical instruments and a populace that's well-versed in economic paradigms. Here's what fuels our fire:

  1. Elevating Public Economic Literacy: We dream of a world where fiscal intricacies are common knowledge, where every individual comprehends and engages with the monetary decisions shaping their lives.

  2. Pioneering Analytical Frameworks: Using formidable open-source tools like Dynare, Julia, Python, and R, we are at the forefront of modeling for monetary, macroprudential, and fiscal policy, forging paths for institutions worldwide.

  3. Amplifying Policy Communication: In the orchestra of policy-making, we aim to be the maestro, ensuring harmonious communication between policymakers and the global audience.

Onboarding Sessions - A Unique Endeavor

In our commitment to global collaboration, we're excited to announce specialized onboarding sessions with central bank board members and staff from around the world. These sessions will provide invaluable insights, foster cooperation, and pave the way for cohesive policy frameworks. By bridging borders and minds, we aim to cultivate a worldwide macroeconomic community.

Set Sail with Us

The world of macroeconomics is vast, intricate, and immensely captivating. As we navigate its depths and horizons, we invite you to join us in unraveling its tales and intricacies.

Here's to global collaboration, understanding, and a brighter macroeconomic future!

Welcome aboard The Better Policy Project!

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