Professional Data Science Course in R

R is a programming language that is used extensively by statisticians and has a rapidly growing number of users that are econometricians. R with its integrated development environment (IDE) - RStudio - is a powerful tool for economists and researchers in conducting data collection, statistical analysis, economic research, web scraping, reporting and visualization. R with RStudio lets users put Shiny web applications and interactive documents online in the way that works best for them. For example, R Shiny allows programmers to turn their programs into dynamic WEB applications that can run their programs based on user-chosen parameters.

So that it can be available to all central banks it is important to develop cost-effective on-line training.

Unique 4-day intensive on-line course that guides participants from the basics of R to becoming skilled users. Unlike other courses which only provide general knowledge of R, this course is result-oriented and designed for central bank economists and research assistants. By the end of the course participants will have a powerful framework that they can use for database management, visualization, reporting, estimation, near-term forecasting, etc.).

The course will last 4 days. Participants will have access to 4 hours of training each day. The courses are organized to focus on the needs of each central bank. So seats are very limited!

Don't worry! We will find a suitable time of the day for you. Participants will be divided into groups by their time zones.


  • R (Version 4.0.3 or the latest ones up to 4.1.1)

  • RStudio

What will you learn?

  • Basics of  R.

  • R packages and their functions.

  • Uploading and organizing data.

  • Data visualization.

  • Creating tables and charts.

  • Regression analysis in R.

  • R Markdown.

  • R Shiny: Creating interactive web apps.


The outcomes from the course:


  • A full package of code designed to upload, organize, plot and report data. The course is based on United States data.

  • Medium-term projections for US macroeconomic variables and their integration in a quarterly projection database.

  • Reporting technology.

  • Certificate of completion.

  • Further assistance (subject to discussion).


May 2
- May 5


Application Deadline:
April 25

June 20 
- June 23


Application Deadline:
June 13

Registration Closed
Registration Closed

Times will be discussed separately with the participants to adapt to their time-zones.

Price for 1 Participant

High-Income Countries -- €1000

Middle-Income Countries -- €500

Low-Income Countries -- €250

Countries are classified by income using new "World Bank country classifications by income level: 2020-2021." Find the World Bank tables here.