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Global Forecasting School's Advanced Macroeconomic Modeling Series

Unveiling an unparalleled learning experience tailored for those with a passion for macroeconomics. Dive deep into sophisticated forecasting and policy analysis models, methodologies, and advanced macroeconomic analysis, all under the prestigious banner of the Global Forecasting School.

Course Duration & Structure:

📆 Duration: Spanning 10 comprehensive working days
🕑 Each day: 2 immersive hours dedicated to detailed exploration and hands-on learning

What Sets Our Course Apart:

  1. Pedigree of Excellence: Designed in the spirit of the Global Forecasting School, our courses promise rigor, depth, and practical insights.

  2. Holistic Syllabus: Covering everything from the intricacies of the FPAS Mark II framework to the newest shifts in macroeconomic analysis, this course ensures that you're always several steps ahead in the field.

  3. Harness the Power of Open-Source: Familiarize yourself with leading open-source software platforms including DynareJulia, Python, R, and more, ensuring that your skills are both cutting-edge and widely applicable.

  4. Learn from the Best: Multiple industry experts, each renowned in their specific domains, will guide you. This diverse panel ensures a well-rounded and expansive learning experience.

Course Modules of Distinction:

  1. ENDOCRED (November 6 - 17, 2023): Delve deep into the realms of monetary policy models with endogenous policy credibility. Understand the complexities of navigating through volatile economic environments, especially the unexpected swings in high- and low-inflation scenarios. Equip yourself to understand, anticipate, and mitigate risks related to policy entrapments that can be detrimental to economic stability.

  2. Bayesian Estimation for Linear Models (November 20 - December 1, 2023): A deep dive into the foundational concepts of potential GDP. Dissect the nuances of the short-run output-inflation trade-offs, bypassing rudimentary techniques like the HP filter. Engage with robust methodologies that are grounded in real-world relevance and academic rigor.

Course Continuation & Flexibility:
🔄 Ongoing Learning: We believe in continuous growth. Our bootcamp courses are hybrid (in-person and via Zoom) and are offered in Portugal 4 months a year in April/May and October/November as well as in Armenia in January and July. These 2 courses are compulsory for GFS Level 1 and give non-GFS participants an opportunity to work as buddies with GFS students in a Dynamic Learning Environment (DLE)

📅 Customizable Schedule: We understand everyone's commitments vary. Choose from multiple slots to find the one that syncs seamlessly with your calendar.

Enrollment & More Information:
For further information, contact Asya Kostanyan at:

Price for 1 Participant -- €1000

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